GNU Savannah Evaluation for libsqon

Generated on Sun Mar 1 21:33:49 2015
Source: /tmp/gnu_eval.LiKJlA/./libsqon-del0.0.0
Detection script version: 0.1.1

This auto-generated report is in alpha-stage, and may contain incorrectly detected items.
Information here should be considered as informal suggestions and guidelines.
The official GNU Savannah Hosting Requirements can be found here:

The following files are missing both copyright and license statement.

A copyright statement should be of form:
Copyright YEARS NAME
An optional "(C)" and/or contact addresses can be added if you wish, such as:
Copyright (C) YEARS NAME (email)

  1. If these are source code files for your project, consider using the standard license text at the beginning of your file. For GNU licenses, See How to GNU licenses for your own software
  2. If these are supporting/auxiliary files (such as Makefile, ini files), consider adding the GNU All Permissive License.

Projects hosted on GNU Savannah must carry a copyright and license statements.

If these files contain a legally acceptable copyright/license statement, they are acceptable for hosting on GNU Savannah (even if this auto-generated report failed to detect it).
Revising is not a strict requirement, but is highly recommended.
A recognizable copyright and license statements will speed-up project approval on GNU Savannah.


Small Source Code files without Copyright/License

The following small files were missing a copyright or license statement. Because these files are small (25 lines or less), it is possible that such a statement is not required, or a mention in the README file is sufficient.

Please review the list.
If these are source code files, please add a valid license and copyright statement.
If these are auxiliary files (such as Makefiles), consider adding the short GNU All Permissive License.

Possible misue of Open Source vs Free Software

The following files use the term Open Source.

Please use Free Software to refer to software which respects Your Freedom.

For more information, see Why 'Open Source' misses the point of Free Software, and Words to Avoid.

Doxyfile: # (doxysearch.cgi) which are based on the open source search engine library
Doxyfile: # (doxysearch.cgi) which are based on the open source search engine library

Summary of Licenses

License Type no. files
AGPLv3 4
skipped (non-code) 3
skipped (too-short) 1
no license detected 7

Summary of Analyzed Files

File Type no. lines Detected License Detected Copyright
Doxyfile text/plain 2403 text/plain 20 (no copyright, perhaps too-small?)
sqon.c text/x-c 322 AGPLv3 2015 Delwink, LLC
COPYING text/x-pascal skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code) text/x-shellscript 5 skipped (too-short) skipped (too-short)
.gitignore text/plain skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code)
doc/ text/plain 12 (no copyright, perhaps too-small?)
doc/ text/x-c 145 text/plain 17 (no copyright, perhaps too-small?)
sqon.pc text/x-makefile 13 (no copyright, perhaps too-small?)
result.h text/x-c 44 AGPLv3 2015 Delwink, LLC
sqon.h text/x-c 203 AGPLv3 2015 Delwink, LLC,2015 Delwink, LLC\n\n"\
result.c text/x-c 158 AGPLv3 2015 Delwink, LLC
README text/x-c skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code)
INSTALL text/plain 44