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The following files possibly contain a copyright statement in non-canonical form.
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Copyright (C) YEAR NAME (email)
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texi2man: # Copyright (C) 2014: Gianluca Zoni ( # Copyright (C) 2015: Free Software Foun [trimmed]

Possible misue of Linux vs GNU/Linux

The following files use the term Linux.

Linux is a Kernel, not a whole operating system. Please consider using the correct term GNU/Linux if the context is operating system and not Kernel-specific topic.

For more information, see Why GNU/Linux, Linux and GNU, and Words to Avoid.

texi2man: $manpage_source[2] ='Linux';
texi2man: $manpage_source[4] ='Linux';
texi2man:     $manpage_manual[$i] = q/Linux Programmer's Manual/;

Missing plain-text license file

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Summary of Licenses

License Type no. files
GPLv3-or-later 1
skipped (non-code) 2
no license detected 0

Summary of Analyzed Files

File Type no. lines Detected License Detected Copyright
license.txt text/x-pascal skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code)
texi2man text/x-tex 571 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright) # Copyright (C) 2014: Gianluca Zoni ( # Copyright (C) 2015: Free Software Foun [trimmed]
README.txt text/plain skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code)