GNU Savannah Evaluation for fontopia

Generated on Wed Apr 13 20:29:14 2016
Source: /tmp/gnu_eval.TOmXBN/./fontopia-1.0
Detection script version: 0.1.1

This auto-generated report is in alpha-stage, and may contain incorrectly detected items.
Information here should be considered as informal suggestions and guidelines.
The official GNU Savannah Hosting Requirements can be found here:

The following files are missing both copyright and license statement.

A copyright statement should be of form:
Copyright YEARS NAME
An optional "(C)" and/or contact addresses can be added if you wish, such as:
Copyright (C) YEARS NAME (email)

  1. If these are source code files for your project, consider using the standard license text at the beginning of your file. For GNU licenses, See How to GNU licenses for your own software
  2. If these are supporting/auxiliary files (such as Makefile, ini files), consider adding the GNU All Permissive License.

Projects hosted on GNU Savannah must carry a copyright and license statements.

If these files contain a legally acceptable copyright/license statement, they are acceptable for hosting on GNU Savannah (even if this auto-generated report failed to detect it).
Revising is not a strict requirement, but is highly recommended.
A recognizable copyright and license statements will speed-up project approval on GNU Savannah.

The following files possibly contain a copyright statement in non-canonical form.
A recognizable copyright statement in this script should be of form:
Copyright (C) YEAR NAME (email)
It is possible these files contain a valid yet unrecognizable form of the copyright statement (usually due to different formatting).

Please consider revising the copyright statement, to make it easy for future users and contributers of your project.

If these files contain a legally acceptable copyright statement, they are acceptable for hosting on GNU Savannah (even if this auto-generated report failed to detect it).
Revising is not a strict requirement, but is highly recommended.
A recognizable copyright statement will speed-up project approval on GNU Savannah.

src/args.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/defs.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/font_ops.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/font_ops.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/glyph.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/glyph.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/keys.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/main.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/menu.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/menu_generic.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/metadata.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)   { "COPYRIGHT",           1, 0,   0 },
src/metadata.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c) #define METADATA_COPYRIGHT1
src/metrics.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/bdf.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)   { "COPYRIGHT",       BDF_REQ_NO,  BDF_GLOBAL_SCOPE, 1, STRING },   else  [trimmed]
src/modules/bdf.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c) #define COPYRIGHT_KEYWORD(16)
src/modules/cp.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/cp.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/installmod.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/modules.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/modules.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/psf.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/psf.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/raw.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/raw.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/opensave.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/status.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/unitab.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/view.c:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/view.h:  *    Copyright 2015 (c)

Possible misue of Linux vs GNU/Linux

The following files use the term Linux.

Linux is a Kernel, not a whole operating system. Please consider using the correct term GNU/Linux if the context is operating system and not Kernel-specific topic.

For more information, see Why GNU/Linux, Linux and GNU, and Words to Avoid.

man/man1/fontopia.1: - Linux Code pages (CP)

Binary Data Files

The following files are binary data files (not textual source code files).

Some binary formats allow adding copyright and license information inside the file. For others, it is recommended to specify the copyright and license information in the README file.

  1. If you authored these files, please add copyright and license information in each file, or mention them in the README file.
  2. If you obtained these files from another source, you must verify and state their copyright and license information.
  3. Often times files that are free to download (as in 'no cost') are not Free to use (as in respect your freedom to usage, modify and distribute the files). Project hosted on GNU Savannah must not include non-free files.

This auto-generated report cannot detect if the README already mention these files.
If all data files in your project are properly copyrighted and licenses, please disregard this item.

Projects hosted on GNU Savannah must have a valid copyright and statement information for all data files.


Summary of Licenses

License Type no. files
All permissive (autotools) 9
GPLv2-or-later 5
GPLv3-or-later 32
X11/MIT 1
skipped (non-code) 4
skipped (not-text) 33
skipped (too-short) 2
no license detected 5

Summary of Analyzed Files

File Type no. lines Detected License Detected Copyright
AUTHORS text/plain skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code)
config.sub text/x-shellscript 1798 GPLv3-or-later 1992-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,1992-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
src/keys.c text/x-c 225 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/main.c text/x-c 397 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/psf.c text/x-c 896 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/raw.h text/x-c 44 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/cp.h text/x-c 86 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/bdf.c text/x-c 835 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)   { "COPYRIGHT",       BDF_REQ_NO,  BDF_GLOBAL_SCOPE, 1, STRING },   else  [trimmed]
src/modules/raw.c text/x-c 328 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/psf.h text/x-c 104 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/cp.c text/x-c 964 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/modules.h text/x-c 87 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/installmod.h text/x-c 63 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/modules.c text/x-c 207 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/modules/bdf.h text/x-c 131 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c) #define COPYRIGHT_KEYWORD(16)
src/metadata.c text/x-c 224 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)   { "COPYRIGHT",           1, 0,   0 },
src/glyph.c text/x-c 475 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/opensave.c text/x-c 682 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/defs.h text/x-c 87 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/view.h text/x-c 58 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/metrics.c text/x-c 610 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/glyph.h text/plain 37 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/menu.h text/x-c 34 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/view.c text/x-c 548 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/metadata.h text/x-c 78 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c) #define METADATA_COPYRIGHT1
src/args.c text/x-c 181 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/status.c text/x-c 70 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/font_ops.c text/x-c 544 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/font_ops.h text/x-c 136 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/menu_generic.c text/x-c 220 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c)
src/unitab.c text/x-c 859 GPLv3-or-later (possible copyright)  *    Copyright 2015 (c) text/plain 1271 All permissive (autotools) 1994-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
install-sh text/x-shellscript 527 X11/MIT 1994 X Consortium
configure text/x-shellscript 19214 All permissive (autotools) 1992-1996, 1998-2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,2012 Free So [trimmed]
m4/ltversion.m4 text/plain 23 All permissive (autotools) 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
m4/ltsugar.m4 text/plain 123 All permissive (autotools) 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
m4/ltoptions.m4 text/x-m4 384 All permissive (autotools) 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 Free Software Foundation,
m4/lt~obsolete.m4 text/plain 98 All permissive (autotools) 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
m4/libtool.m4 text/x-m4 7992 GPLv2-or-later 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005,,1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004 [trimmed]
codepages/851.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/770.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/737.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/861.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/771.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/859.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/866.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/850.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/860.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/667.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/874.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/864.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/915.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/853.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/774.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/869.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/852.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/775.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/773.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/912.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/865.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/720.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/862.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/668.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/863.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/895.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/772.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/857.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/867.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/856.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/1117.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
codepages/855.fcp application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
depcomp text/x-shellscript 791 GPLv2-or-later 1999-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
missing text/x-shellscript 215 GPLv2-or-later 1996-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
READMEkeys text/x-fortran 31 text/plain 34
COPYING text/plain skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code)
man/ text/x-makefile 508 All permissive (autotools) 1994-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
man/man1/fontopia.1 text/troff 158
man/ text/plain 2 skipped (too-short) skipped (too-short)
compile text/x-shellscript 347 GPLv2-or-later 1999-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
config.guess text/x-shellscript 1420 GPLv3-or-later 1992-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,1992-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc. text/x-makefile 39
ChangeLog text/plain skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code) text/plain 96 text/plain 9655 GPLv3-or-later 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,
README text/plain skipped (non-code) skipped (non-code)
info/ text/x-makefile 427 All permissive (autotools) 1994-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
info/ application/octet-stream skipped (not-text) skipped (not-text)
info/ text/plain 1 skipped (too-short) skipped (too-short)
aclocal.m4 text/x-m4 1214 All permissive (autotools) 1996-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,2002-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,2011-2013 Free Sof [trimmed]
ar-lib text/x-shellscript 270 GPLv2-or-later 2010-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.