GNU Savannah Evaluation for smalltalk-armadillo

Generated on Sun Sep 13 03:25:47 2015
Source: /tmp/gnu_eval.Ra6xZN/./pharo-armadillo-adventure-gamekit-0.1.23
Detection script version: 0.1.1

This auto-generated report is in alpha-stage, and may contain incorrectly detected items.
Information here should be considered as informal suggestions and guidelines.
The official GNU Savannah Hosting Requirements can be found here:

Problematic New-Line characters

The following file names contains potentially problematic new-line characters/ (such as CR+LF or just CR). Such files tend to cause problems on many computer systems, and are best avoided. Standard Unix files should use LF (\n) as a new-line character.

Revising these files is not a strict requirement, but is highly recommended.

Binary Data Files

The following files are binary data files (not textual source code files).

Some binary formats allow adding copyright and license information inside the file. For others, it is recommended to specify the copyright and license information in the README file.

  1. If you authored these files, please add copyright and license information in each file, or mention them in the README file.
  2. If you obtained these files from another source, you must verify and state their copyright and license information.
  3. Often times files that are free to download (as in 'no cost') are not Free to use (as in respect your freedom to usage, modify and distribute the files). Project hosted on GNU Savannah must not include non-free files.

This auto-generated report cannot detect if the README already mention these files.
If all data files in your project are properly copyrighted and licenses, please disregard this item.

Projects hosted on GNU Savannah must have a valid copyright and statement information for all data files.


Summary of Licenses

License Type no. files
skipped (non-code) 3
skipped (not-text) 2
skipped (too-short) 3
no license detected 0

Summary of Analyzed Files

File |Type |no. lines|Detected License |Detected Copyright ----------------------------|-------------|:|-------------------|------------------- AUTHORS |text/plain | |skipped (non-code) |skipped (non-code) bg-1-320x200.png |image/png | |skipped (not-text) |skipped (not-text) |text/plain |1|skipped (too-short)|skipped (too-short) CONTROLS |text/plain |1|skipped (too-short)|skipped (too-short) COPYING |text/x-pascal| |skipped (non-code) |skipped (non-code) player-static-down-32x32.png|image/png | |skipped (not-text) |skipped (not-text) README |text/plain | |skipped (non-code) |skipped (non-code) |text/plain |1|skipped (too-short)|skipped (too-short)